Critical Business Thinking

Whether you realise it or not, our thoughts are so powerful… powerful enough to start the creation of new products or services. In fact everything that has ever been made or devised once was a thought in someone’s mind before it was brought into reality. It’s crazy to think that once the technology you are reading this on was once a figment in someone’s imagination…

But however good thoughts are, things wouldn’t materialise into actual products or services without action being taken to make those thoughts a reality.

So that brings about an interesting question… if everyone is having thoughts and crazy ideas about what can and cannot be done, why doesn’t every idea materialise into reality?

Well, it all comes down to action. Thoughts and visualising are fantastic tools. But they must be followed by action if they are to make a difference. So that creates two kinds of people..those who bring their thought inventions into life for the world to benefit from… and those who let their thoughts disappear into the ether never to be materialised.

The first group of people are those who take action and are generally successful. They are doers. They follow through on their thoughts with action and plans. They are optimists and generally expect to be able to make things happen. The second group are mediocre by comparison and have much more passive personalities. This second group of people either don’t believe in their own abilities, or worst still believe but postpone any action… waiting for tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. And the world never benefits from their ideas.

Generally, everyone wants to be in the first group, because when people take action and follow their dreams and inspiration they gain confidence, they develop a deep sense of self-reliance and inner security. Whereas the people in the second group find their confidence is whittled away over time and they end up settling for mediocrity.

So how does our thinking affect our businesses? Well, it all comes back to Henry Ford’s saying, “whether we think we can, or think we can’t, either way we are right.” If we have an active personality and set of beliefs we will look for opportunities and take advantage of them when they come along. But if we have a passive set of beliefs we will hold back, unsure of ourselves and our abilities, and in doing so will inadvertently hold the business back.